About us

Hello everyone, welcome to Cute & Cozy. I am Nora owner of Cute & Cosy. All my life I have been fascinated by fashion. Ever since I was 5 years old I told my dad how to dress me and I played saleswoman. I was always looking for the best outfits. And now so many years later I started my own webshop. With a recent passion for making candles and decorations, I merged it with my passion for clothing and accessories. Now I had to come up with a name that fit everything. Everything has to be beautiful, cute, colorful, fashionable but also comfortable. This is how the name Cute & Cozy was born. Here you will find everything that is beautiful but also comfortable. Now I'm going through a super tough period myself. During that time, I really enjoyed giving myself small gifts. Now I also wanted to make it my mission to extend that to the webshop. So the webshop revolves around happiness, I want to make everyone who orders something happy with a package. Everything is beautifully packaged as if you were receiving a present with nice quotes about self-care. Of course you can also give someone else a present! I hope you like the collections as much as I do!

Have fun shopping! 🤍