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Grote roos

Grote roos

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Kaarsen gemaakt van 100 % ecologische sojawas.

Alle kaarsen zijn handgemaakt, lichte imperfecties zijn dus mogelijk. 

Ook de kleur van de kaarsen kan licht afwijken van de kleur op de foto. 

De veiligheidsinstructies vind je hieronder.


made from 100% ecological soy wax

Shipping & returns

Shipping 3-7 business days

Returns are NOT possible!


Height: 5 cm

Width: 7 cm

Safety instructions

• This product is not suitable for consumption

• Never leave candles burning unattended

• Be careful, the product gets hot. Do not touch!

• Burn candles out of the reach of children and pets

• Never place candles on a flammable surface or near flammable materials

• Cut the wick to 1 cm before use. A longer wick can cause the candle to smoke or flicker.

• Do not place candles near a heat source such as sunlight, heating or fireplace. Candles that are too close to a heat source may drip.
• Do not place candles in an air stream, eg near an open door or window, otherwise they may smoke and drip

• Place candles in an upright position. Candles that are skewed can smoke and drip.
• Always use a non-flammable candlestick or coaster. It goes without saying that the candle must stand firmly and must not fall over

• Do not let them burn for more than 4 hours

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